RAL Colour Feeling 2020+

New colour matrix for the latest global trends

The merging of familiar colours and alien, digital worlds, the revitalisation of individual, cultural values combined with a gentle, pure appearance: This world of colour entitled “reBirth of Culture” is the result of the latest scouting initiated by RAL by the ITT Institute International Trendscouting at the University of Applied Sciences and Art (HAWK) Hildesheim.



As part of their investigation, the trend researchers discovered that individualisation, emphasising feelings and sensitivity as well as the question of cultural identities will play an increasingly important role for the development of design over the next few years. The world of colour in “reBirth of Culture” is emphasised and familiarised accordingly in terms of the senses. The 15 colours presented against this background represent an impetus for future design and a way of combining, arranging and applying colours.

In the colour matrix based on the new RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus soft colours are reminiscent of whitewash, skin tones and stony nuances. They are combined with intensive pink tones, vital yellow together with dark earthy tones, brown and deep indigo. The familiar shades possess a socio-cultural background and appear natural and texture-like. The well-known language of the past inspired from the areas of handicraft, tradition and nature is combined in the colour matrix with a progressive vision of the future. This is also expressed in the approachable, homogeneous and matt surface feel. The aim is to develop abstract the digital era in human and optimistic aesthetics with its own soft language of shapes.

Scouting takes place twice every year and is based on a system of methods consisting of looking back at the past, considering the present and researching the future. The Institute is working with a visual line of argument and consolidates phenomena and worlds of style in image clusters. The colour researchers subsequently develop a matrix from the global social trends, which depicts the effects of the trends on various design disciplines. The latest trend fan-fold published by RAL is not only the visualisation of these research results, but at the same time also the first visible result of the strategic collaboration agreed between RAL FARBEN and the IIT in spring 2019.

The translation of the colour matrix RAL Colour Feeling 2020+ “reBirth of Culture” for users in CMYK, RGB and HEX as well as additional background information on the method can be found on the website: www.raldesignplus.de/colour-feeling/

RAL is the applied language of colours. The RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT colour collections together with the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus offers RAL professional colour users a wide range of precise colour templates. The palette of RAL colours includes a total of 2,528 shades. With colour cards, plastic standards and software products as well as colour design and trend books the RAL products offer the ideal product for every design purpose. At the same time it is overall objective of RAL and its partners to develop principles for sustainable design and an impetus for the language of colour of the future. “reBirth of Culture” is another step in this direction.

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